Turner Concept

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Turner Concept

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Brand interpretation (story):
T-Trust        信任
E-Excellence   卓越
N-Nature       自然
A-Active       积极
TENA,From four English words:Trust/Excellence/Nature/Active,Meaning our solidarity and mutual trust,,Bright and upright; we face challenges and pursue excellence; we advocate nature and protect the environment; we are aggressive and self-fulfilling。
Core culture:We pursue “innovation” and “contribution” in all aspects. Continuously providing innovative and technological products and solutions to make people's lives more free and work easier; we create a human-oriented corporate environment, cultivate the most creative team, maximize the potential, and keep the vitality of Turner, and Make the greatest contribution to society!
Cultural creed:Human nature、Customer-oriented、Peaceful work, contribution wisdom
Core concept:Use technology innovation to make people's lives more free and work easier。  
core value:Customer satisfaction, self-realization, social responsibility!
Business purpose:People-oriented, customer-oriented, technological innovation, return to society。
Team spirit:Trust employees; integrity, playing cards with cards; self-discipline, self-awareness, self-improvement; satisfying employees' sense of accomplishment; Guangming Lei's pursuit of fame and fortune。
Business philosophy:Relay marathon; free financial management; no shackles; life is more important than face; streamlined and efficient organization;
Talent concept:Talent is the source and driving force of Turner's development, respecting the development of each employee, advocating "the company is proud of its employees, employees taking the enterprise as its home", let employees grow together with the company; we advocate the motherland and the company, business and family At the same time, the individual and the collective are in the same place, the competition is with the team, the pragmatism and the innovation are in the same place; the character of “self-discipline, self-awareness and self-improvement” is respected.
Quality policy:Quality-oriented, customer-oriented, unity and unity。
mission:To serve the motherland with industry and to benefit mankind with technology。
Vision:Be a world-class electronics company, let technology change people's lives!