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What brand of network set-top box is best, TV box buying skills
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Recently, many netizens are talking about what brand of network set-top box is good, Xiaomi box, Tmall magic box, etc. Which is better with the development of Internet TV, now more and more TV set-top box brands appear on the market, what brand of network TV set-top box Ok, what should you watch out for when buying a network set-top box? The following one is for everyone to tell.

First, choose the configuration. As an electronic product, no matter how the business boasts the performance of its products,

Neither can ignore its basic hardware configuration. At present, HD network set-top boxes are basically all Android system chips. Therefore, when purchasing such products, the hardware configuration quad-core processor is fine.

Second, choose the decoding ability

The most important function of the set-top box is to play network video. The time used by the set-top box is 90% of the time to play video movies. Therefore, when purchasing a network set-top box, you must understand the decoding ability of its network video. Try to choose some experience with video decoding, like the Taijie WEBOX, which is the most video software aggregation, the box that is made must have an advantage in video decoding.

Third, choose the system. There is no doubt that Android is currently the mainstream, and the version is better than 4.0, so there will be better software compatibility.

Fourth, choose features. At present, domestically produced network playback equipment has serious homogenization problems. Therefore, when purchasing such products, attention should be paid to the characteristics and characteristics of the products. For example, Taijie WEBOX's pre-caching, WeChat album, remote assistance, etc. are all very distinctive and have a good experience.

Fifth, choose a service. The service here has two meanings. On one hand, it mainly refers to after-sales service, and the other layer means technical support of the product.

In summary, the HD network set-top box market is currently in full swing, and the smoke is pervasive. Grasping the above points, although you can't guarantee that you have bought the best products, at least you can guarantee that you have bought the products you like.
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